About Gail

Who is Gail Peekeekoot?

In creating your ceremony, what I believe doesn’t matter. What you believe does.

Gail PeekeekootAs a nurse, I have been very privileged to be with a great many people during some of their most powerful times of transition – in their highest joy and deepest pain.

I have been on a long and deep spiritual journey that has taken me through organized religion and back out again. Ritual has been an important part of this journey.

In my spirituality, I weave together many teachings including the mystical teachings of the written religions, Metaphysics, Buddhism, Wicca (the Reclaiming Tradition) and other Earth-based ways.

Training in conflict mediation and negotiation has taught me how to bring the interests and ideas of everyone into consideration for the best possible creative outcome.

My thesis for a Master of Nursing degree at the University of Victoria focused on the transformative experiences of women who had engaged in Croning Rituals.

This was followed with a doctorate in Interfaith Ministry at Wisdom University where my dissertation focused on conflict transformation using art, music, and ritual as part of the process.

All of this is woven into my Professional Celebrant practice creating unique ceremonies and rituals that are playful and/or prayerful  depending on the occasion – and that are always engaging and meaningful.