Ritual and Ceremony

Why We Need Ritual and Ceremony

Ritual and ceremony are deeply important to human beings. Some say that ritual is what makes us human. Done well, ritual and ceremony provide a sense of “before and after” and people come away knowing their lives have been positively touched by the experience.

Ritual and ceremony make and mark change within a community of family and friends.

When we fully celebrate the joyful things in our lives, we are able to savor them and recognize the beauty of life, ourselves, and each other. This brings even more joy and fulfillment to us and the people we love.

When we grieve together in deeply meaningful and creative ways, we are more able to move on. In time, loss becomes a wake-up call to life, love, and new possibility.

How I Shape Ceremony

Story is at the centre of my work. When you commission me to create a ceremony, I spend time with you to listen for the heart of your story or  the story of a person who is being memorialized. When it is helpful and, with your permission, I will also meet with your friends and family.

Based on the intentions you hold for your ceremony and the heart of your story, I will help you find and choose the elements to be included: music, symbols, readings, movement, art . . .  If you have already made these choices, I will ensure that they fit well with the flow of your ceremony.

I will create a first draft of your ceremony.  Based on your feedback, I will make any changes you request.  At every stage you will have full approval for everything that is said and done during your ceremony.  When you are completely happy, I will create a final script of your ceremony.


My Commitment to You

I will maintain your confidentiality.
I will set timelines with you and will honor them.
There will be no surprises from me during your ceremony – you have complete control.
I will be aware of and will plan for the well-being of all involved in your ceremony.
On the day of your ceremony, yours will be the only one in which I am involved.
I will be there one hour before your rehearsal (for weddings) and/or your ceremony.

I will provide leadership before and during your ceremony.


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