Gail Peekeekoot Professional Celebrant

Marriages, Memorials, and Meaningful Transition Ceremonies

Gail Peekeekoot

Gail Peekeekoot, Celebrant

As a Certified Professional Celebrant, I work with people to create and enact original ceremonies to honour the important turning points in their lives.

These ceremonies are as unique as the people who come to me and the reason for their occasion.

What is a Celebrant?

Celebrants offer meaningful ceremonies across the life cycle from birth to death. My training included completing an intensive 8 month program from the Celebrant Foundation & Institute focusing on the art  of creating and enacting meaningful and memorable ceremonies.  After completing the fundamentals course, celebrants take further training in other areas of focus such as weddings, funerals, and ceremonies for healing and transition.

As a registered Metaphysical Minister, metaphysical spirituality is woven through every ceremony I create. While I hold a doctorate in Interfaith Ministry, I am ordained as a Metaphysical Minister and honour all Faiths.

Examples of Ceremonies & Rituals Offered by Gail

  • Couples Ceremonies
    •  Weddings
    •  Hand Fasting
    • Commitment
    • Engagement
    • Renewal of Vows
  • Celebrating Pregnancy
    • Baby Welcoming
  • Memorials, Funerals, and Celebrations of Life
    • Living Celebrations of Life
    • Loss of an Animal Companion
  • Rituals of Healing and Transition
    • Making Meaning of Loss & change
    • Loss of Job
    • Divorce
    • Child Leaving Home
    • Moving Away
  • Rites of Passage
    • Coming of Age for Young Women
    • Coming of Age for Young Men
    • Wise Aging Ceremonies for Women (Croning Rituals)
    • Wise Aging Ceremonies Men
  • Celebrations of Accomplishment
    • Graduation
    • New Job
    • New Business
    • House Warming and Blessing
    • Retirement


  • Seasonal Observances – Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

Why engage a Certified Professional Celebrant?


A Certified Professional Celebrant completes extensive coursework to  engage with family and friends in a deep way  in order to ensure that the person they they are remembering/celebrating is remembered especially well.

Certified Professional Celebrants are not attached to particular Funeral Homes or churches and can offer Funerals, Memorials, and Celebrations of Life anywhere.  They can also offer living Memorials and Celebrations of Life while people are still alive and able to share their day.


Candles in the Wind


Celebrants work with couples to create original wedding ceremonies.  On the day of your wedding, yours will be the only one they will do. When couples consider the ceremony to be the most important part of their wedding day, they can now choose to work with a Celebrant to ensure that their ceremony will be both deeply meaningful and unique.

I am recognized by the Province of British Columbia to legally perform marriages in BC as a religious representative of the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry.–Weddings–Memorials-etc-.html

Celebrants are not wedding planners.  They are completely focused on creating and offering the most personal, beautiful, and meaningful ceremony for you.

Other Ceremonies

Each ceremony has it’s own ritual arc and Celebrants are aware of how to incorporate each step of a ceremony so that it holds together well and is a fulfilling experience for all participants.

What can you expect when you contact me?

I will contact you as soon as I receive your message. If I am available for the day of your ceremony, we will set a time to meet and see if we want to work together.  There is no obligation for you to engage my services. Since this is an important turning point in your life, I understand that you need to be very comfortable with me.  If I feel that someone else would be better to work with you, I will make a recommendation for another Celebrant if possible.

If we decide at that point that we want to work together, we’ll begin talking about your ceremony.